Supergod Recordings was created in Boston in 1996 to put out cassette tapes while Kingvegas was playing shows with Smokstik and busking. The first legit Supergod Recordings release was the Smokstik release “Bugs” in 1998.

In 2001 Kingvegas moved back to his hometown of St. Louis, Mo. and after renting commercial space and starting a recording and rehearsal studio also worked on pulling together a few local St. Louis musical groups to expand Supergod Recordings. Unfortunately their efforts didn’t ultimately lead to something bigger but they all learned something from their efforts.

Smokstik “2” was recorded in 2002 but released in 2010. Kingvegas kinda fell into the cover band hole for a number of years. In 2010 he decided to put more effort into getting his own original music out there again. Since 2010 Smokstik has released a number of singles. All of Smokstik’s releases are available for download in all the standard places including iTunes, Amazon and so forth.

Kingvegas is not only writing and recording new material for Smokstik but also starting to put out instrumentals as the Vegas Jazz Orchestra.

Stay tuned!!!